How DJI Drones Empower Public Safety Teams

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    Immediate Intel

    Provide incident commanders with detailed information of remote operations

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    Informed Responses

    Effectively direct your resources with a constant stream of aerial intel

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    Enhanced Safety

    Keep ground teams safe with robotic scouting of the area

Public Safety Applications

Improve your daily operations with DJI drone solutions


Drone Solutions for Public Safety Officials

Mission Operations Solution
Rugged aerial platform to oversee operations and identify threats in all situations to help incident commanders effectively direct their teams.
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    Adaptable Platform

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    Zenmuse XT2

    Thermal Imaging

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    Zenmuse Z30

    30x Optical Zoom

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Rapid Mapping Solution
All-in-one package for teams to quickly map areas before and after events to ensure preparedness and conduct data-driven post-disaster assessments.
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    Phantom 4 Pro

    Imaging Platform

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    GS Pro

    Flight Planning

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    Image Stitching Tool

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Portable Visualization Tool

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Special Operations Platform

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Stories from our Users

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Rich Gatanis

UAV Coordinator, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue is embracing DJI’s latest drone technologies and new XT2 sensor in hazmat response.

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