Site Safety
Improve mining safety and optimize operations through work site aerial views and data collection capabilities.
Mining areas ofen have inaccessible or high-risk zones, posing challenges for personnel safety.
Improve mine operational safety and reduce risk with frequent aerial oversight.
Obtaining timely and accurate information for swift responses can be difficult.
Enhance decision-making processes with real-time imagery from the mine operations.
Manual inspections might overlook hidden hazards, and data collection might not be comprehensive or accurate.
Create high-precision 2D and 3D models for accurate risk identification and assesment.
Automated Routine Mining Site Monitoring Solution
Deploy DJI Dock 2 at the mining site, and use the DJI FlightHub 2 as the control platform to remotely control Matrice 3TD to conduct on-site safety inspections.
Automated, scheduled drone flights facilitate frequent and consistent safety inspections of the mining site without the need for constant manual operation.
Minimized labor and time for manual drone operations result in significant cost savings.
Identification of potential safety hazards, including overheated machinery, structural weaknesses, or unsafe conditions in the mine.
Real-time data transmission enables immediate analysis and decision-making.
Drone Platform
DJI Dock 2
Weight: 34 kg (without the drone).
Size: length 570 mm, width 583 mm, height 465 mm.
Environment adapbility: -25℃-45℃ working temperature, IP55 Rate, max operation height 4,000 m.
Max Operating Radius: 10 km.
Matrice 3TD
Weigh: 1410 g.
Size: length 335 mm, width 398 mm, height 153 mm(without propellers).
Max flight time: 50 minutes.
Max Operating Radius: 10 km.
Wide camera: 1/1.32'' CMOS, 48MP.
Tele camera: 1/2' CMOS, 12MP.
Thermal camera: super resolution mode 1280 × 1024@30fps.
Environment adapbility: -25℃-45℃ working temperature, IP55 Rate, max operation height 4,000 m.
Payload And Software
DJI FlightHub 2
Drone and dock's cloud management system
  1. Data Collection: Schedule routine data collection flights over the mining site for timely monitoring.
  2. Data Processing: Obtain multiple data outputs such as 3D Models, DSM, DEM, Point Clouds and Orthomosaic Images to gain more insights on the mining site safety.
  3. Data analysis: Upload and analyze the collected data to DJI FlightHub 2 to enhance cross-team collaboration.

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