DJI Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit Released

Today, the industrial application of drones requires more than a just flying platform. Thanks to the leading technology of DJI drones, industrial users are able to integrate their DJI drones with third-party modules, develop more functions to meet their needs and make drone operation easier even for industrial use.


In the public safety sector, drones, with their maneuverability and flexibility, can substitute for manpower to get to areas with little access and drop relief supplies such as medicine, food and first-aid tools to a designated point.


The Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit has eight switches or knobs available for mapping eight channels, making the control of non-DJI modules easier and creates an integrated solution for industrial drone application.

Product Overview and Instruction

The Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit is compatible with the DJI Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller and includes eight knobs/switches. More control functions will be available after channel mapping in DJI Assistant 2.


Channel Expansion Module

1. S1 - S8 Knob/Switch

S1, S2, S7 and S8 are knobs; S3 and S6 are 3-position switches; S4, S5 are spring-loaded switches.

2. Status LED 

3. CAN cable  

4. Horizontal Slots   

5. Vertical Slots


RC Port Module

  1. USB Port
  2. CAN Port
  3. Micro USB Port
  4. HDMI Port
  5. Mounting Holes


Tools required: 1.5mm Hex Key and Phillips Screwdriver


Installation: Remove the original RC port module first, insert the PCB of the new module into the back of the remote controller, connect the three flat cables and lock the black buckles.

Then mount the Channel Expansion Module on the handle of the remote controller. Finally, finish channel mapping in DJI Assistant 2 to set up control of third-party modules. (Detailed mounting instructions please refer to the User Guide of Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit.) Below is how the RC looks like when finishing installation:

Channel Mapping Instruction


First, connect M600 Pro to a PC and enter DJI Assistant 2. Click “Tool” on the left of the interface and enter “Function Channel” page to customize the control function of F3-F8 Channel based on personal operation habits and which port(s) on the flight controller is connecting with the third-party module.


Now you can use the Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit to control third-party modules.

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