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Qualified Solution Partner Application Process

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Complete and submit application form online

Basic Info Review

The candidate hardware/software solution must be based on a DJI drone platform or DJI SDK/API

Solution Review

The manufacturer provides prototypes, product instruction manuals, and other materials to facilitate functional testing. At least five successful cases need to be provided for validation.

Become a Qualified DJI Solution Partner

After the application is approved, necessary visual materials/descriptions need to be provided for the webpage display.

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The file size should not exceed 10MB. If there is more than one document, please submit documents as one ZIP file. If you would like to share additional materials that may exceed the 10MB limit, please upload to the cloud via this link.

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The third-party solutions catalog is intended as an index of third-party products and solutions to provide use-case information to interested parties. All information in this catalog is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. This catalog shall not be considered an endorsement or sponsorship by DJI of any third-party solution, product, or service.