1. What is DJI Maintenance Program?
DJI Maintenance Program is an aircraft service plan launched by DJI. The service includes basic inspection, update and calibration, deep clean, easily worn parts replacement, core components replacement, and maintenance reports.

If parts that are not covered by DJI Maintenance Program are damaged, then users need to pay to have these parts repaired.
2. Currently, what areas and product models are supported by DJI Maintenance Program?
Currently supported countries and regions: Mainland China, North America (US and Canada), EU, UK, Australia, and Japan.

Currently supported product models: Matrice 200 series, Matrice 200 V2 series, Mavic 2 series, Phantom 4 RTK, P4 Multispectral, and Matrice 300 RTK.

* The supported areas for some models are different.
3. Under which conditions can users use DJI Maintenance Program?
Users can use DJI Maintenance Program as long as:

(1) The products have not been modified or disassembled without previous authorization.

(2) The products are not water damaged.
4. One maintenance code can be redeemed for the maintenance service how many times?
One maintenance code can be used for the maintenance service one time.
5. How long is the maintenance code valid for?
The maintenance code is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
6. How can I use DJI Maintenance Program?
1) When your DJI aircraft needs maintenance service, you can go to the DJI Online Repair Request page to apply for the maintenance service.

2) After applying for the maintenance service, mail your DJI aircraft to the designated repair center.

3) DJI will provide the corresponding service based on the maintenance plan you chose. If malfunctions not covered by the maintenance service are found during damage assessment, then DJI will send you a quotation for repairing these damaged parts. You can then choose whether to repair these parts or not.
7. How can I check the maintenance progress?
You can go to
to check the maintenance progress.
8. How can I check my maintenance record?
You can go to
to check your maintenance record and download your maintenance reports.
9. How to check the serial number of my drone or payload?
Serial number of Matrice series is on the inside of the central Board.

Serial number of Phantom 4 RTK and Phantom 4 Multispectral is on the inside of the battery compartment.

Serial number of Mavic 2 Enterprise Series is on the inside of the battery compartment.

Serial number of Zenmuse Z30 is on the gimbal axis.

Serial number of Zenmuse X4S and Zenmuse X5S is on the gimbal axis.

Serial number of Zenmuse XT and Zenmuse XT2 is on the gimbal axis.