British CITB Funds “Robots for Roofing” Program

In hopes to improve workplace safety in roofing survey projects, British Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) recently approved extended funding for Liverpool-based Lacy Roofing’s Robots for Roofing program. The program’s goal is to promote drones as a tool for conducting surveys to identify faults in existing roofing. As CITB’s first foray into funding drones to improve workplace safety and reduce work-related accidents, this pilot project could lead to the introduction and funding of similar UAV-based projects throughout the industry.

The funds awarded will be used to train five members of staff to fly drones in accordance with local laws and regulations. Drones allow roofers to easily inspect roofs to identify weak spots and plan out necessary safety measures before proceeding to manually surveying.

As a February 2013 study conducted by The Center for Construction Research and Training Data Center found, roughly one-third of all construction fatalities were attributed to fall injuries. If this pilot program proves successful, the use of drones could be crucial to decreasing the number of workplace injuries within the industry.

CITB’s backing shows how drones have potential to not only improve the efficiency of roofing and residential construction projects but also improve workplace safety.

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