DJI and DroneDeploy Bring New Turnkey Mapping Solution to the Construction Industry

Manage, Measure and Communicate Site Progress with the DJI & DroneDeploy Construction Mapping Package

Drones are transforming workflows by enabling construction teams to efficiently track projects, report site progress, and improve safety for workers around the world. To make the skies accessible for the construction industry as it scales drone operations in 2017 and beyond, DJI and DroneDeploy have introduced the Construction Mapping Package.

Available now from DJI’s online store, the Construction Mapping Package includes a one-year Pro or Business software subscription to the DroneDeploy platform and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.

"DJI Phantom series drones have set the standard for businesses that need an easy and affordable way to capture detailed aerial data from their sites,” said Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Marketing at DJI, “and DroneDeploy has built a powerful platform for taking data from DJI’s aerial platforms and turning them into actionable data for businesses. By bringing these two platforms together as the Construction Mapping Package, the construction industry has a turnkey mapping solution to introduce or scale out their drone operations.”

Combining the Phantom 4 Pro – a powerful data collection tool – and DroneDeploy’s platform for automated flight, 3D modeling and site analysis, the Construction Mapping Package enables your team to:

  • Generate accurate site surveys with ground control points in a fraction of the time required with traditional survey methods
  • Efficiently collect aerial data to improve quality control, manage assets and reduce risk on the job site
  • Quickly create weekly drone maps of jobsites to track progress and instantly share data between teams on desktop and mobile devices
  • Make smarter quality assurance decisions by combining building information models (BIM) with high-resolution point clouds of actual site conditions
  • Directly integrate drone maps and point clouds with Autodesk, Procore, Box and other industry-standard software
  • Bring maps into the field on mobile devices to improve on-site inspections with annotated notes, photos, measurements, and more.

With the Construction Mapping Package, firms can easily share site progress with off-site colleagues

General Contractor Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC is currently leveraging DJI drones and DroneDeploy’s platform to monitor site progress, communicate with key stakeholders, and increase ROI with the use of drone-generated 3D models.

Hunter Cole, Virtual Design Coordinator at Brasfield & Gorrie, detailed his teams’ experiences with using DJI drones and DroneDeploy’s platform, saying “we’ve generated point clouds so detailed they’ve been mistaken for video. But unlike a video, I can get the volume of any material stockpile on that site, I can make any linear measurement, and I can overlay the drone-generated point cloud over 3D BIM model, line it up exactly and see very quickly what’s been built versus the design intent.”

You can read the full case study here to learn more about how Brassfield & Gorrie use drone maps to monitor progress across their construction sites.

Companies interested in purchasing the DroneDeploy & DJI Construction Mapping Package can do so beginning today through the DJI Online Store.

Where to Learn More

  • Visit the DJI Online Store to learn more about the complete construction mapping package
  • Visit DroneDeploy's construction solution page to learn more about the DroneDeploy platform and how it can improve operations on your jobsite
  • Watch DJI and DroneDeploy's recorded webinar to learn how drone mapping is improving project coordination and communication
  • Learn how construction company Brasfield & Gorrie used drone-generated 3D models to compare actual earthwork to site plans in th complete case study

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