DJI Joins InfraMation 2016 to Discuss Aerial Thermal Imaging

Jan Gasparic, head of DJI’s enterprise marketing, is set to join Infrared Training Center’s (ITC) InfraMotion, the world’s largest infrared training conference, during September 27th and 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada. ITC’s InfraMation has quickly become the leading education and networking conference for infrared thermography professionals.

Gasparic is attending InfraMation as one of the conference’s keynote speakers, to discuss the benefits and use of infrared and thermal aerial imaging across multiple industries. Infrared and thermal aerial imaging has proven to be incredibly useful for building inspection, energy audit, pest detection, and more. DJI and thermal imaging industry leader FLIR currently lead the market with the Zenmuse XT, an integrated camera for DJI’s Matrice and Inspire 1 series of airframes.

In addition to Jan, Casey Anderson and Corbett Lunsford will also be speaking at InfraMation. Lunsford currently co-hosts Home Diagnosis, a TV show focused on educating homeowners how to diagnose and improve their property’s thermal performance. Anderson has been in the film and television industry for the past sixteen years and has hosted and produced two National Geographic Wild shows, Expedition Wild and America the Wild, and often uses thermal imaging in his work to monitor and protect wildlife.

Besides engaging speeches from these three keynote speakers, InfraMation attendees can also attend a wide range of presentations, workshops and clinics from many of the world’s top subject matter experts in each industry. The topics and use cases these experts will cover include electrical/mechanical, building, HVAC/R and optical gas imaging.

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