Built to Endure. Engineered to Adapt. DJI Introduces The Matrice 200 Series

This February 26th, DJI unveiled the new Matrice 200 Series in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. The M200 Series is a new line of drones built for professional users to perform aerial inspections and collect data– making drone technology an affordable and easy-to-use tool for enterprises that recognize how aerial imaging can transform their operations.

Built to Endure.

The M200 Series’ closed-shell design and powerful motors enable the drone to operate in adverse weather conditions. With an IP43 rating, this drone is water resistant and ready for the toughest tasks.

With 20 internal sensors, including dual IMUs, and a dual-redundant battery system that automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures, the M200 Series is built for any situation. With the new DJI AirSense technology directly integrated into the drone, the M200 Series is the first commercially available drone with an ADS-B receiver. This module enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft, enabling operations where teams rely on mixed aircraft.

Additionally, the M200 Series is built with the latest DJI FlightAutonomy technology, providing intelligent obstacle avoidance and precision hovering. Additionally, a forward-facing FPV camera offers improved controls for complicated piloting situations.

With the option to choose larger TB55 batteries for additional flight time, pilots can fly for up to 35 minutes with a mounted camera and 38 minutes with no payload. If more time in the sky to complete tasks wasn’t enough, the M200 Series has a unique, foldable design and comes with a specially designed travelling case to simplify your office to field process. The travelling case is built to grow with you as you rack up piloting experience, with space for extra batteries and the ability to pack away your M200 drone with mounting plates pre-installed.


Engineered to Adapt.

The M200 Series is compatible with an array of payloads that enable pilots to capture a wide variety of data. This includes the Zenmuse XT camera, built on Flir’s industry leading technology, for capturing thermal data accurate to a half a degree Celsius. Additionally, the Zenmuse Z30 aerial zoom camera allows inspectors to view millimeter resolutions at up to 30 meters away, perfect for inspections in difficult environments. The Zenmuse X4S, with a 20 MP camera and a leaf shutter, is ideal for surveying and mapping missions while the Zenmuse X5S M4/3 camera will capture unparalleled footage and stills.

The M200 Series consists of three models, the M200, M210 and M210 RTK. The M200 can capture data in the roughest environments. The M210 model offers pilots adaptability on the go, with multiple payload configurations and universal communication and power ports. The M210 RTK model builds on the M210 model with a built-in RTK unit for precision flying and additional resistance to electromagnetic interference.


With the M210 models, pilots have multiple potential payload configurations

To support large enterprises looking to adopt DJI drones, DJI is also announcing the new DJI Pilot, an Android app for enhanced control, and DJI FlightHub, a web-based software package allowing teams to share real-time data with offsite parties over the Internet. Additionally, developers can utilize DJI’s Mobile and Onboard SDK to complete customized applications and integrations for their fleet of M200 Series drones.

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