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DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3

The DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3 can be used to analyze and process thermal images. By identifying the temperature information of critical areas of the target, the software can be used to analyze objects across many industrial applications. Major incidents can be prevented or addressed quickly by using the software to detect and pinpoint temperature abnormalities in equipment in routine inspections.
  • Windows Version V3.3.1
  • DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3 Release Notes
  • DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3 User Manual

DJI Thermal SDK

TSDK (DJI Thermal SDK) is mainly used to analyze and process infrared photos. Users can develop their own software based on TSDK in Windows or Linux environment to develop such as R-JPEG infrared photo processing and temperature measurement.
For details, please check the files: Introduce the development environment of TSDK and the usage of executable programs under utility directory
License.txt: Declare the license information of TSDK
doc/index.html: List the detailed interface information of TSDK API (tsdk-core/api/dirp_api.h)
sample/, sample/build.bat: are scripts for automatic compilation of test programs under Linux and Windows
dataset: several R-JPEG samples for testing
  • Windows Version v1.5
  • Linux  v1.5


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