Collect and Leverage Data Across your Operations with DJI Drones

Rapid Reality Capture

View your sites from an aerial angle, bringing new insights and potential savings

Same Task, Better Tools

Improve turnaround time for repetitious work and replace hazardous tasks

Real-time, Remote Asset Management

Integrate aerial data into your workflows to manage your global assets from any location

Maximize Yields with Aerial Imaging

Aerial data enables farmers to optimize inputs, react quicker to threats, validate prescriptions, and rapidly scout plots.

Conduct Safe and Efficient Inspections

Drone business platforms visualize firms’ various remote energy assets in real-time for rapid maintenance scheduling while increasing work safety and efficiency for inspectors.

Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Incident commanders better direct rescue operations with an aerial view, so teams can quickly and safely mitigate emergency situations.

Serve and Protect Your Communities

Drones are being deployed across all levels of government to improve the efficiency and safety of civil servants.

Visualize Extensive Asset Networks

Imagine projects in a variety of formats to ensure the development is going as planned, identify areas of concern to be addressed and prevent problems before they happen.

Improve Project Management with Regular Data

Keep track of site progress through consistent site mapping, enabling teams to manage better complex construction projects involving numerous sub-contractors.

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